About us

About PrePrint

PrePrint is a printing and embroidery company founded by Lena and Jan-Erik Salonen in 1989. The company started as a supplier of prints on plastic sheets for Prevex. Later the concept was expanded to selling and printing marketing products. PrePrint is located in Nykarleby, with a focus on local customer but at the same time we cater customers all around Finland.

In December 2017 Anders Finne and Tuija Pundars acquired the company from Lena and Jan-Erik. Our aim is to continue on the same path as Lena and Jan-Erik, and we see an opportunity to grow together with our customers.

We are a part of New Wave Group, a Swedish public company with a focus on branding accompanied with a broad portfolio of high quality products. New Wave have 64 retailers in Sweden, and another 90 spread across Denmark, Finland and Norway. Together we work to create an attractive and efficient profiling for Nordic companies.

We want you to be comfortable while making business with us, no matter if it’s about production, delivery or the origin of our products. We also want you to give you our best experience through professional customer service and a broad portfolio of products.

We supply the following brands, amongst others